True 7X3 Pads & Gloves

I've more questions about this product line arriving in the store, than I do with most new arrivals. People were asking about it last year and saying that they "heard" about a new intermediate True line for 2023. Crazy, especially since it was before I even saw the product for the first time in the summer of 2022. 

Well, it is finally here. I say finally because it did arrive over a month late after the expected launch date of July 15th. People were anxiously awaiting it's arrival and sales have been brisk to say the least. Does it match the high expectations of the eager young goalies and beer league all-stars? Still too early to say overall, but I am prepared to say that the intermediate 590 catcher is the BOMB. Same, really as the senior model, however I just feel that the construction of the intermediate glove is a more drastic departure from the norm.

Historically, manufacturers have been building the intermediate gloves either too big (only 2" smaller in perimeter compared to the senior models) or über-padded so that even after running them over with the family SUV, they were still not compatible with snagging pucks efficiently. HOWEVER, this has changed with this 7X3 catcher. True has seen fit to properly size this glove so that it fits the hands of it's intended use player and not over-padded it so the player can catch the puck and handle his stick with confidence. It is easily closed to trap the puck in the off-set single T pocket. The only gripe I have is that it would have been nice to see it laced with skate lace (it is on the senior model). However this is an easy fix to install skate lace and we provide this service in the store. I really like the addition of the single T as it provides less resistance to closing the glove, making it easy for the younger goalie to close the glove. 

Pads you say? What about the pads? No let down here. The pads are made with a quality (1.1mm thin) jenpro covering. This does positively reduce the weight of the pad however, which is always a good thing. Again, it is too early to tell if this jenpro will withstand the beating that pads go through during a full season of practice and games, but it feels very robust and the quality of workmanship appears to be of a high level. Overall, I would say that for a first effort, True has ticked off all the right boxes. The quality is as good if not better than the other major brands. It is a little heavier than say a Bauer X5Pro goal pad (but the X5Pro pad is crazy light!), but it does appear to be of a better build quality than the CCM, and the jenpro is better than the CCM speedskin IMO. Features include all the usual stuff: multi-positional velcro elastic knee strap, FRS (fast rotation system), single break outer roll provides the pad with a nice shape to it that enhances goalie movement and five-hole coverage, ProLace bungee toe tie system, thinner, stiffer thigh rise (like the big dog PX3, but reinforced with plastic, not composite) and a proprietary sliding surface (on all but the black color model). Lots to be pumped about for sure! Available in intermediate sizes 29+2, 30+2, 31+2 & senior 32+2, 33+2 & 34+2. Take a trip down to the store and come and see the entire True line-up. Our staff will be able to expertly answer your questions and ask the correct ones to make sure that we can help you make the correct decision on your purchases!

Good luck to everybody in their upcoming evaluations and tryouts! 

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