Bauer GSX Series

Bauer's introduction of the first GSX line was an absolute success story. It was light. It was easily put on by young goalies. The catcher was soft and pliable and level matched for each goalie's age category. Colors? Bauer offered self adhesive sticker kits that you could add on to create a set-up to match almost any team. So how do you top that?

For 2023 Bauer has added some features to the products to make them better, while offering only 2 standard color options for the first year of production. 

The most notable inclusion in the goal pad line this year is the addition of a STABILISLIDE knee stack. This is a feature carried straight down from the pro series line Hyperlite 2 and the mid price point X5 Pro. The added rigidness of the new knee stack is a welcome addition for the goalies as this feature almost eliminates the possibility of under or over rotation in the butterfly and a near perfect ice seal. In addition to these features, it also helps the goalie balance properly in the butterfly, creating a flat, stabile landing surface and allowing for solid posture when down in the butterfly position.  

The Tune Fit strapping system continues on the goal pad, allowing younger goalies the ability to put the pads on properly without the help of mom or dad in the dressing room. The bungee toe strap in a new, improved version continues and aids the simplicity in the attachment to the goal skate and reducing stress to the ankle/knee/hip areas. 

Colors for 2023 have been limited to white and black base, with no self adhesive color kit options. This is the only thing I find that is a disappointment in the line for this year. I understand the need for Bauer to streamline production line capacity (due to overwhelming consumer demand on all Bauer goal products) and reduce some sku's, but it would be great if Bauer does open this avenue again for the 2024 line. 

The gloves remain to be a strong product in the GSX line. A deep, easy catching pocket on the catcher, with an energy absorbing skate lace pocket and rebound control foam help the young goaltender build confidence by helping pucks stay in the glove, rather than popping out and improving protection at the same time. The blocker inspires confidence by providing excellent protection and allows the goalie to stand fearlessly in the net. 

Overall I feel that the GSX line is the ultimate entry level price point line-up. For junior and intermediate goalie parents that demand a product that carries down the family traits from the pro and senior series, this one is tough to beat. If they do come with more color selection in 2024, it will be even better. 

Peter Martin
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