Bauer Hyperlite2 Goal Pad

"Completely revamped for Season ‘23, our most popular Vapor family returns. This new take on our revolutionary collection introduces enhanced fit and lightweight upgrades so you can be HYPER-quick and HYPER-flexible in the crease. With our lightest pads to date one thing is for sure the HYPE is back and better than ever."

This is a bit of what Bauer provided for retailers this year as an introduction to the new Vapor line for 2023. So? Are you ready to be impressed? Let's dig into the new Hyperlite 2 pads for 2023.

The new pad has some big shoes to fill. The last Hyperlite pad was Bauer's best selling pad EVER. Players liked the way it slid across the crease and how fast the rebounds came off the pad. But some players didn't like the sloppy feel of the calf area of the pad. There was either not enough adjustment in the velcro straps or the leg channel was too wide. Well, that concern has been addressed by the designers at Bauer. The new Tune Fit Strap System (New Lower Calf) allows for a loose or snug fit by allowing you to move the straps to the inside or the outside of the calf wrap. This should allow almost any player to find the optimal fit to suit their game. A hybrid calf system offers increased stability in the lower leg, similar to what the Stabili-Slide knee block does for your knee in the knee channel; provides better ice seal and virtually eliminates pad over/under rotation in the butterfly. To carry on with the "stability" theme of the new pad, Bauer has coated the inside of the knee block with an adhesive material that keeps the knee centered and connected to the block in the butterfly during side-to-side movements. 

New SL1D3R skin on the pad for lightweight, incredibly quick slideability and fast rebounds is featured on the new pad. The thin boot carries over from last years pad, allowing Bauer to keep the weight down while still providing excellent flexibility in the boot, This allows for deep powerful pushes and helps you lean into the post when in the RVH, by allowing the boot to flex deeper as your toe goes into contact with the post.

The pad is lighter! When we lifted out of the box the first time, we all commented on how light and balanced the pad felt. This can only be of benefit as long as durability doesn't suffer. The line between lightweight and durability is very fine. Quality of build and construction does seem incredibly tight though as Bauer promised us it would be. The graphics for this year in our opinion are the best we've seen recently on a Bauer product. And the quality and clarity of the Digi-Print series, continues to blow our minds. Our new digi sets have finally arrived and they are amazing! Don't believe me? Take a look here Bauer Digi

Come down and see what the "Hype" is all about. We have lots in stock right now at this time in late May and if you need to, you can even demo some our sets to see if the new Bauer Hyperlite2 meet your expectations. 

Next up will be the new Hyperlite2 gloves....which feature a 90° closure very similar to a CCM/True 580 break that seems to be all the rage again this year!

Happy sliding,



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