CCM's new Eflex 6 is almost here. Of course you have seen it being worn on the ice during the 2022-23 season in the NHL by Jacob Markstrom, Thatcher Demko and a few other players. The Eflex is CCM's best selling line of goal equipment and is always eagerly awaited by the goaltending public. There are a couple of new features on the pad for the 2023 season, so let's see what they are. 

The Eflex 6 is the perfect evolution of the flexible, dynamic and agile performance that you have come to expect in the Eflex line. It features the new DRS PRO integrated knee (first seen in the Axis 2 goal pad last year), that provides maximum seal and stability, while virtually eliminating under or over pad rotation, all while moving even faster from one save to the next. The pads are constructed with a flexible design below the knee and into the boot for smooth, strong transition movements. The added stiffness offers greater butterfly seal and stability above the knee, but these pads still flex and react to your every move.

A re-designed, deep, tight fit is new in the Quick Motion Strap System 2. Positioned slightly higher on your calf, the strap helps keep the pad up high on the skate and prevents sliding down off the toe of your skate, retaining the pad height on your thigh to maintain perfect five hole coverage. This also helps lessen pad/ice interference at the skate, allowing you to get your blades' inside edge to the ice quicker to make faster recovery/transition moves. Pad rotation is not negatively affected and the snugness of the strap ensures that the pad moves together with your leg eliminating the chance of pad lag. 

A new, lighter weight molded Pro core is built for flexible feel below the knee with added stiffness in the thigh rise that provides the rigidity that todays' goalies demand. Control Rebound Technology is still the standard foam built to control rebounds in tight, and direct harder shots out with precision, although you can choose Max Rebound Foam from the Axis 2 line, to provide an even hotter/faster rebound velocity off the face of the pad. This is available as a custom option only, although our store stock custom Eflex 6 pads will have this feature as standard. 

For 2023, CCM will offer 3 levels of customization, two of which are design, performance and spec related, the third cranks up the visual impact of your custom set. The first level is CCM Total Custom (senior and intermediate) and features the most popular spec options and select Speedskin, emboss and solid colors options. The second level is Total Custom Pro (senior only) and includes the features from the first level, but offers even more spec options to the pads and gloves PLUS the full selection of Speedskin, emboss and solid color choices. The third level of customization is ALLOUT. It includes all of the choices from the Total Custom Pro, but the ability to design your own graphic and have it applied digitally to your pads and gloves, much like the Bauer Digi-Print series. Each of these levels of customization feature an up-charge that we would be happy to explain to you during your in-store custom fit evaluation or over the phone. And just a reminder that all of these spec options can be seen and tried with our CCM Eflex 6 demo pads and gloves, available in-store very soon.

The Eflex 6 line of pads, gloves, chest protectors (we even have a custom one arriving soon!) and skates arrives the first week of June. We'll be back with another in our series on the the new CCM 581 catching glove and new Eflex 6 blocker very soon.

What are your impressions and thoughts on the new Eflex 6 line? Leave your thoughts below and let's see what the consensus is from all our readers. 


Happy goaltending,



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